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Over the years, we have had people wanting replacements for trees that have been run over by a tractor, flooded, dried out, urinated on by the dog, scratched by the cat, eaten by the moose, pulled out thinking it was a weed, overgrown with weeds, mowed, sprayed with herbicide, hail damaged and other extreme weather conditions including winter.... anyways you get the idea. It would be unreasonable to expect us to guarantee plants for these kind of situations. Therefore, our guarantee is that your plant material will arrive to you in good condition, and any or all claims must be reported within 30 days of receiving our plants or trees.


  • When will my saskatoon bushes start bearing fruit?

    Saskatoons can normally produce anywhere from a handful of fruit to a reasonable size crop of fruit in the third year. Starting in your fourth year you may pick 5lbs. of fruit from each bush. You can expect a fully mature Saskatoon bush after about 6 years.

  • What is the best way to grow my Saskatoons?

    We found the best way to grow Saskatoons is as a hedge. They could be a row in the garden, a hedge along the lane, or a shelterbelt around a field. They could also be planted and grown as an individual specimen.

  • We have harsh winters here. Will my Saskatoons survive?

    Saskatoons are “very” hardy. They are hardy to Zone 1 and we have customers in the NWT and in the Yukon, as well as Vancouver Island. I don't think we have to be concerned at all about the durability of Saskatoons in our harsh winters.

  • What about frost destroying my Saskatoons?

    Many people believe that frost takes the flowers on the Saskatoon resulting in no fruit that year. Contary to popular belief, frost damage is not a major problem in our orchards. This is a misconception because the insect damage occurs at the same time that the bush is flowering. Eight times out of ten, it is the insect damage that causes the fruit loss. Spraying the bushes when they are flowering with a registered insecticide will guarantee a good crop of berries every year, although this is not an essential practice.

  • Will Saskatoons grow in my type of soil?

    Saskatoons grow in a wide range of soils all across Canada in the wild, and do well in almost all soils. They do not tend to grow well in very wet peat soils, or high alkaline soils.

  • What variety of Saskatoons do you recommend. What variety will grow best in my area?

    We offer three main varieties of Saskatoons: Northline, Smoky and Honeywood and find them to equally hardy in all areas. Our preference here on the farm is the Northline variety because of it's nice uniform habit of growth as well as it's superb fruit quality with a large berry size and wonderful saskatoon flavour. Fruit production on the Northline variety is fantastic, even at an early age. We also offer the Thiessen variety.

    We also like to recommend planting a mix of all three main varieties. The different varieties seem to bloom and harvest at staggered times, so it gives you a chance to enjoy the spring flowers for a longer period of time and extends your u-pick time.

  • How big are your seedlings?

    When we ship our seedlings they are normally in the 8 - 12 inch range. Our seedlings are one year old actively growing as a leafed out tree in its own pot with soil and a fully developed root system.

  • When can I expect my Saskatoons to arrive? How do you ship them?

    The bulk of our seedlings are shipped out after the danger of frost on the prairies has past, usually starting about May 15th. Our shipping season lasts approximately three to four weeks. However, seedlings are available throughout the season and can be planted well into the fall. We normally ship all of our seedlings by Greyhound Courier. This enables pickup at their depots to even the remotest of areas. We find Greyhound to have the safest, quickest and most economical delivery.

  • Can I order seedlings from the U.S.?

    No, unfortunately we can no longer ship to the U.S. due to customs regulations.

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