Evans Cherries

Our Evans Cherries on our own farm are approaching 8 feet tall and coming into their fourth year.  They are in full flower and we are expecting a great crop of cherries this year!  However there have been some people that have been having problems with their Evans Cherries freezing back.  It is critical  that the Evans Cherry be dry  in August to allow the wood to prepare for winter.  Itıs also very important for flower bud development.  We have had hundreds of people successfully growing the Evans Cherry in all parts of the prairies!

Our Evans Cherry seedlings are now priced at our regular seedling prices!

Our Northline Saskatoon sales are brisk!  Anyone who has grown our Northline Saskatoons seedlings knows how wonderful a saskatoon they are! High quality fruit , robust growth , definitely entomosporium and juniper rust resistant to a large degree!  Great overall habit of growth, excellent for mechanical harvesting!  

In My Opinion
            by Paul Hamer